Goodbye PsychoPetAdoptions?

I’m thinking about closing down this simblr and just keeping my original one. Adoptions have slowed and I haven’t played the sims like I used to. I do still plan on bringing the pitbull story back…I haven’t forgotten…I’ve just been distracted. When i do bring it back, it will be on my other simblr which is
Thanks for sticking with simmers. :)

There’s a Possibilityyyyyyyy (song in head)

That I might bring back….what was the name of that story I was doing….the story with the pitbull! Can’t remember….ugh…stupid brain, lol, but there’s a possibility that I will be bringing it back, in a whole new story and dog though. I didn’t get to finish the last one, and I don’t know why, and Laura, last night, had told me, in her silly ways, that she wanted me to bring it back… a video this time, kind of like how I’m doing it with HR, which also needs to be updated, and I might also start doing it the way I plan on doing this new story.

It’s still a work in progress. Still gotta work on the story line and character basics. Going to try writing the first script today, and see how it goes.

Bye guys :).

Decided to keep up with the thread on when new pets arrive. :)
I’ve been gone TO LONG!!

I’m hoping to post again. Just have to find the time because I’ll be puppy sitting a lot this month… I’ll probably free play. :) Using mom’s laptop.

I hope the ones who loved me once still love me. :x


About not being around! I’m busy finishing up my final!!! Yes! My final exam. Consisting of 91 multiple choices questions and 24 essay questions!!! Like yay! @_@ it’s a headache lol.

I will be keeping the current available pets up until I’m done with my final and then ill try advertising to get them out and adopted, or just put them up in the exchange so they can be used.

Don’t forget to check them out! I think we only have dogs available.

Thanks though :)

All “old” pets have been removed.
Banjo has been adopted.
This kitten is not available for adoption. I just wanted to share how CUTE HE IS!! :D His name is Duos. :)

This kitten is not available for adoption. I just wanted to share how CUTE HE IS!! :D His name is Duos. :)

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